How Does Virginia Tech’s Offensive Line Recruiting Fare Against the Rest of the ACC?

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Virginia Tech recruiting
Is Virginia Tech’s offensive line recruiting as bad as advertised? (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

It’s easy to bemoan Virginia Tech recruiting for its apparent struggles to evaluate and sign offensive linemen, but is it fair? How does Virginia Tech stack up against their ACC competitors when it comes to recruiting offensive linemen?

This analysis will do its best to break that down. We’ll take a look at the signees in every class since 2015 for every ACC team, and then hash out the numbers. The goal is to answer these questions — how well does Virginia Tech recruit offensive linemen, and how do they fare against the rest of the conference?

The ground rules are as follows…

  • Each enrollee for each school was counted for each class, starting with the Class of 2015. If an offensive lineman signed a National Letter of Intent but did not enroll, he is not counted. The exception to this is for the Class of 2017, where some recruits have not enrolled yet. To count the Class of 2018, players committed as of June 20, 2017 were counted.
  • In order to weigh each recruit based upon their ranking, their 247Sports rating was used. The ratings were then averaged to get the average rating for each team in each class. If a player enrolled or is committed