The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Quarterback Depth, Favorite Comebacks, and More

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1) Given the recent hiring of John Szefc as head baseball coach, how much of an impact do you think he will have on the program compared to Babcock’s other recent hires (i.e. football, both basketball programs, etc)? Which of Babcock’s recent hires do you think has had the biggest impact so far? – VTHokie2000

Chris Coleman: I’d have to say that Buzz Williams has made the biggest impact of all Whit Babcock’s hires.  Justin Fuente did a great job in his first season, and he could very well outperform Buzz long-term, but from where the program was when Williams took over to where it is now is pretty remarkable. 

2011-12: 16-17, 4-12 (tied for last in the ACC)
2012-13: 13-19, 4-14 (last in the ACC)
2013-14: 9-22, 2-16 (last in the ACC)
2014-15: 11-22, 2-16 (last in the ACC, Buzz’s first season)
2015-16: 20-15, 10-8 (NIT)
2016-17: 22-11, 10-8 (NCAA)

When Virginia Tech finished dead last in 2012-13, despite having the nation’s leading scorer and ACC Player of the Year in Erick Green, the writing was on the wall for James Johnson.  Everybody knew the Hokies would be horrible the next year, and would continue to be horrible until a new athletic director could fix the coaching situation. 

Whit Babcock hired Buzz Williams, Williams fixed it,