The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Rotating Linebackers, Whit’s Latest Hire and More

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1) Why do we rotate defensive lineman, but not linebackers? – Diehard Hokie

Chris Coleman: Bud Foster normally doesn’t rotate linebackers, but he has on occasion.  There are two reasons for that…

  1. Foster likes his linebackers to get into the flow of the game, and that’s tough if you are rotating guys.
  2. Virginia Tech has rarely had good enough linebacker depth to rotate.

I can think of a couple of times when Foster has rotated players.  He used to rotate Brian Welch and Jake Houseright at the mike spot, and they were both good players.  He rotated Tariq Edwards as a redshirt-freshman with Lyndell Gibson.  I think he would have eventually rotated Telvion Clark with Edwards, had Clark not been dismissed.

It’s really as simple as that.  You aren’t going to get worn out as easily playing linebacker as you would on the defensive line, so there really isn’t a need for a rotation.  In fact, rotating guys could actually hurt production if it prevented players from getting into the flow of the game.  That’s how Foster sees it.

Personally speaking, I really don’t care if he rotates linebackers are not, but I do want to get to the point where we have the depth to give him that option.