The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: TV Revenue, Neutral Site Games and More

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1) Since most football teams seem to have questions about depth, would the NCAA be better served by bringing back the JV team? The assumptions being the following: 

1. JV team would only be open to FR and SO
2. JV games would basically be glorified scrimmages 
3. JV games would be a limited number (probably no more than four) 
4. JV games would not count against a player’s eligibility
5. JV games would be played in the Spring.

– VTHokie2000

Chris Coleman: I don’t think that would help much, and I also don’t know that we could assume all the things you assumed above.  In the past, junior varsity (JV) games were all played in the fall, during the regular season.  JV games also counted towards a player’s eligibility. 

Tech would always play two JV games a year that I can remember.  They played one against Hargrave, and they played one against Fork Union.  Hargrave’s football program doesn’t exist anymore, and I’m not sure that Fork Union has as much talent as they used to.  Prep football isn’t like it used to be, so I don’t even know if they could find opponents.

I personally don’t see it happening.  The VT offense runs at such a fast pace that there are a lot more plays being run in practice.  I also believe that a college player gets more