The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: The 10th Assistant, 2017’s Toughest Games and More

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1) Fuente said the 10th coach would be on the defensive side. Do you see the new coach being more of a top recruiter type or true coach? I see more on recruiting end. – JRHokie

Chris Coleman: That’s a good question.  I think we’ve all been wondering exactly how this would work when the NCAA made the announcement that they will allow a 10th full-time assistant coach.  As of right now, here’s how VT’s staff breaks down…

Offense: Brad Cornselsen (QB/OC), Zohn Burden (RB), James Shibest (TE), Holmon Wiggins (WR), Vance Vice (OL)

Defense: Charley Wiles (DL), Bud Foster (LB/DC), Brian Mitchell (CB), Galen Scott (S)

As I’ve said, I believe a 10th full-time assistant coach is overkill for all programs.  But since everybody else will do it, Virginia Tech will do it.  And they will hire someone for the defensive side of the ball to even things out.  That would put five assistant coaches on each side of the ball.

As far as what position the new coach will be assigned, I can only see two possibilities. He’ll either help out Charley Wiles on the defensive line, or he will coach Virginia Tech’s whips/nickels.  If he’s a defensive line coach, he could take either the ends or tackles, or he could be given