The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Josh Jackson, ACC Football, and Early NBA Entries

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1) For football, how do you see the rest of the Coastal programs trending? Upward, downward, or neutral? – vt90

Chris Coleman: I’ve actually been wanting to write something about the ACC as a whole recently, so I’ll take this as the opportunity to provide my thoughts on each of the schools. We’ll do the Coastal this week, and the Atlantic next week (remember to remind me in next week’s Q&A thread!).

Duke: I have Duke trending slightly downward. I believe it is very hard to sustain the success that David Cutcliffe has had at Duke. Jim Grobe had a lot of success at Wake Forest, but ultimately he couldn’t sustain it. I also have Duke trending slightly downward because I have the Hokies and one or two others trending upwards in the Coastal.

Georgia Tech: Neutral. Every time I think Paul Johnson is on the hot seat, he pulls a rabbit out of a hat. He did it again last year, going 9-4 on the season. I don’t have a clue what the Yellow Jackets have coming back next year, but at this point I think we’ve seen both the ceiling and the floor of the Paul Johnson era in Atlanta.

Miami: Upward. Miami won nine games last season for just the second time in the last seven seasons. (The Canes went 9-4 in