The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: The Hokie Club, Baseball and RB/WR Thoughts

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1) Why is there a 2500 member difference in the Hokie Club Drive for 25 and the number found on the Donor Net site? – anotherdamnyankeehokie

Chris Coleman: There are currently 13,170 members of the Hokie Club according to the Drive For 25 website.  However, on the Hokie Club’s Donor Net Site, only 10,410 members are listed as a part of Tech’s point priority system.  That’s a difference of 2,760.  I know some might be wondering why there is a difference between the two lists.

We asked Hokie Club officials this morning about the two lists, and the answer is pretty simple.  Only Hokie Club members who have donated directly to the Hokie Scholarship Fund are listed on the Donor Net Site, because only donations to the Hokie Scholarship Fund count towards priority seating in Lane Stadium and Cassell Coliseum.  The Drive For 25 website lists all Hokie Club members, regardless of where their donation was designated.

That means there are 2,760 people who donated to the Hokie Club whose donations were not designated for the Hokie Scholarship Fund.  Those people could be donating to anything from the Monogram Club to the baseball program to the High Techs.  But since their money isn’t going to the Hokie Scholarship Fund, and they aren’t eligible for priority seating, they aren’t listed on the Donor Net Site.

For what it’s worth, Hokie Club membership