Scouting Report: Sean Savoy

Virginia Tech loves Savoy as a slot receiver.

Height: 5-11
Weight: 180
Projected Position: Inside (Slot) Receiver

Rivals: 3-star, #8 player in DC
247: 3-star, #48 WR, #3 player in DC
ESPN: 3-star, #72 ATH, # 10 player in DC
Scout: 3-star, #106 WR

Other Power 5 offers: 6

Sean Savoy was Virginia Tech’s top wide receiver target for the 2017 class. The fact that he was Tech’s top wideout brings into focus that the recruiting sites haven’t made it to the 21st century in terms of how they rank wide receivers. They differentiate between outside linebackers and inside linebackers, strongside ends and weakside ends, and on ESPN there are even separate rankings for H-back tight ends and traditional tight ends.

Yet to this day, none of the services have split up likely slot receivers and likely outside receivers. That can be difficult at times, but on many occasions it is obvious. And what’s the point in comparing a guy like Sean Savoy to a big 6-3 or 6-4 wideout who is definitely destined for the outside? You can’t do that, and any attempt to do that is somewhat futile.

When evaluating Sean Savoy, you have to picture him playing in the slot all the time, and you have to picture him in Virginia Tech’s offense being involved in the running game, and you also have to consider the fact that he’s a candidate for kick return duties. Could he match up with a big, physical corner on the outside? Perhaps not, but at Virginia Tech he’ll never be asked to play that role.

Savoy possesses a lot of the traits you want to see from a slot receiver.

Phone booth ability: While Savoy isn’t overly fast, he’s an agile guy with good acceleration. He can make things happen in a small space, though he probably won’t outrun as many guys at the college level.

Aggressive hands: Savoy sometimes attacks the football, rather than waiting for the football to come to him. Good players know when they have to attack the ball and when they don’t, and Savoy seems to be one such player.

Physical style: It isn’t evident in his work as a slot receiver, but Savoy’s highlights as a safety show that he enjoys the physical parts of the game.

Those are three great qualities for a slot receiver. Right now we don’t know a lot about Savoy’s route running, or his ability to recognize defenses. If he turns out to be good at both of those things, then he has the chance to be a very effective player for the Hokies.

Bottom Line: Sean Savoy is undersized, but he’s a tough, physical and natural football player. The key word there is “natural.” Some guys are football players, and some guys aren’t. In fact, you can learn more about him as a pure football player by watching him on defense. I think he’s an excellent high school safety, but he’d have to play cornerback at the college level, and college cornerbacks who may only be 5-9ish are a liability in the modern game of jump balls and back shoulder throws. Thus, slot receiver will be Savoy’s position in college, and he possesses all the physical attributes to play it effectively. He’s a very nice get for Virginia Tech.

ETA: 2017. Justin Fuente wants Cam Phillips to take over one of the vacated outside receiver spots this year. That leaves a spot open at slot receiver, along with CJ Carroll. Savoy and fellow true freshman Kalil Pimpleton are two players who could potentially fill that spot. I give the slight advantage to Savoy right now, as he was Tech’s top wide receiver target. However, it wouldn’t be surprising to see either guy step up and carve out a role for himself this season.

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