Oscar Smith’s Scott Johnson Discusses Transition, Virginia Tech Recruiting

Virginia Tech recruiting
Virginia Tech is actively recruiting a couple of Oscar Smith players, including Keshon Artis (2). (Picture via @asvp_ke on Twitter)

Oscar Smith High School has long been a school that Virginia Tech has recruited. It’s a talent-rich program and one of the best football schools in the 757 and the state of Virginia. Five players since 2002 have signed with Virginia Tech, including Greg Boone and JC Coleman.

The football program has had a bit of a shakeup recently. Bill Dee, who spent 30 years coaching at the high school and collegiate levels and won four state titles at Phoebus High School, was hired prior to last season. However, Dee began to deal with heart issues and passed away on Feb. 23 at the age of 63.

Now, Scott Johnson is leading the program. Johnson, who himself has coached in the area since 1979, had served as defensive coordinator at Oscar Smith since 2012.

“It’s gone as well as it could go,” Johnson said. “Us on the staff, we knew Bill was sick. We didn’t realize quite how serious it was. Nobody really wants to get a job this way, but the kids have responded well and we’ve kind of moved forward out of necessity.”