Offseason Strength and Conditioning in Full Swing at Virginia Tech

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Ben Hilgart
Ben Hilgart has done a great job with the strength and conditioning program.

When player weights were released at the beginning of practice last season, my first thought was (you’ve heard me say this before) “Wow, everybody who needed to gain weight gained it, and everybody who needed to lose weight lost it.” I knew what I wanted to see from the Tech strength and conditioning program, mainly because I hadn’t seen it in a long time.

Lo and behold, when Justin Fuente first addressed the media when practice began, he used almost the same line nearly word for word. The skinny guys gained weight, and the fat guys lost weight. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

Weight maintenance is critical at the college level. It’s important to find the right weight for each player in order to maximize his efficiency. Figuring out the right weight can be hard, and making sure the player reaches that weight can be even more difficult. It’s not just strength and conditioning nutrition is a vital part as well.

The Hokies started their early morning workouts a couple of weeks back, and by early I mean really early. Someone on the boards recently asked the difference between the current offseason conditioning workouts and the past offseason conditioning