The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Running Game, NCAA Tournament, and Early Baseball Success

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1) Which would surprise you the most in 2017: 1) A QB with 3000+ yards passing and a 5:1 TD/Int ratio; 2) a RB with 1500+ yards and 18+ TDs; 3) an 1,100 yard receiver with 10+ TDs; 4) > 40 Team sacks. AND which one of these would you want the most? – Justin Berkley

Chris Coleman: As to which would surprise me the most, my answer would be B for sure. Justin Fuente has never had a prolific running back during his years as a head coach or offensive coordinator. He had a three-back rotation at TCU (and all three of those backs went to NFL camps, FWIW), and he always used between two and four running backs at Memphis.

I’m a big believer that Travon McMillian is a very good runner, but the Hokies like to throw the football too, and he’s not good in pass protection. Remember the end of the ACC Championship Game? It was McMillian’s missed block that forced Jerod Evans to throw early, which led to the interception that sealed the game for Clemson. McMillian will have to show he can pass protect before he’ll be in the game enough to run for 1,500 yards. 1,000 yards, maybe, but not 1,500.

As far as which one of those I would want the most, that one is a little bit tougher. If Tech’s quarterback has a