The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Running Game, NCAA Tournament, and Early Baseball Success

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1) Which would surprise you the most in 2017: 1) A QB with 3000+ yards passing and a 5:1 TD/Int ratio; 2) a RB with 1500+ yards and 18+ TDs; 3) an 1,100 yard receiver with 10+ TDs; 4) > 40 Team sacks. AND which one of these would you want the most? – Justin Berkley

Chris Coleman: As to which would surprise me the most, my answer would be B for sure. Justin Fuente has never had a prolific running back during his years as a head coach or offensive coordinator. He had a three-back rotation at TCU (and all three of those backs went to NFL camps, FWIW), and he always used between two and four running backs at Memphis.