Virginia Tech 2017 Recruiting Nights Recap

James Shibest
Special teams coordinator James Shibest was a big hit at the Charlotte Recruiting Night. (photo: Ivan Morozov)

The following is input from TSL’ers who attended the Recruiting Nights around the state and the region on Tuesday, February 2nd, the day after Signing Day. Here are the recruiting nights that were held. Note that we did not receive feedback from every session … the ones where we received reports are starred:

  • * Charlotte: Special Teams Coach James Shibest
  • * Tidewater: Running Backs Coach Zohn Burden
  • * Roanoke: Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach Brad Cornelsen
  • * Richmond: Safeties Coach Galen Scott
  • * Northern Virginia: Wide Receivers Coach Holmon Wiggins
  • Lynchburg: Offensive Line Coach Vance Vice
  • Charlottesville: Cornerbacks Coach Brian Mitchell

We compiled input from 12 different message board posts and emails in an attempt to summarize the information relayed at the events.

A caveat: all of the information here is second hand, so while some of it is accurate, some of it may not be. And it may be accurate at this point in time, but the staff might change their mind on some things, particularly during and after spring football, and in August before the season starts.

But here’s what was passed on to us.