The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Football Recruiting and Hokie Hoops

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1) Top instate recruits…will the on-field performance in 2018 help with top in-state recruits like Ricky Slade and Teradja Mitchell, or is it a lost cause at this point of time? – njhokie66

Chris Coleman: I think both of those guys will be committed before the 2017 season ends.  In fact, Slade has already committed, and I think it would be pretty hard to flip him from Penn State.  Not impossible, but hard.  I wouldn’t be shocked if Virginia Tech made Teradja Mitchell’s final list of schools, but I think the chances of him picking the Hokies are very low, even if we did manage to win 10+ games again.

It took awhile to tear our recruiting down in the state of Virginia.  As time went by, more people were going to go out-of-state anyway, because they get more exposure to out-of-state schools than they did in the past.  That was going to happen no matter what.  But the Hokies made matters worse by first putting a bad offense on the field, which made the program boring, and then by struggling to finish .500 for four straight seasons.  It took multiple seasons to get ourselves into this hole, and it will take multiple seasons of good play to dig ourselves out.

The Hokies need to continue to recruit the state of Virginia, and they will.  But they aren’t going to put all their eggs into the Virginia basket.  They are going to be very careful about who they target and pursue from the 757.  The staff is very wary of the type of situations