In-State Recruiting: A Different Era

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Picture via @ChesapeakeVArr
Devon Hunter signed with the Hokies, but there aren’t as many Devon Hunter types in the 757 anymore.

As Virginia Tech fans, in-state recruiting is very important to us. Most of us cut our teeth as deep followers of the program during the Frank Beamer era, and the one of the main things we were taught is that there is nothing more important than in-state recruiting. I always accepted that as a scientific fact.

But plenty of scientific “facts” have been proven wrong through the years as new research comes to light. I’m not so sure that the theory of in-state recruiting being most important isn’t going the way of the dinosaur as well.

Today I want to examine a few different things, including the 1999 starting lineup, the 757, and potentially a big year in North Carolina in 2018.

The 1999 Team

Let’s look at the in-state presence on the starting lineup of the 1999 team that played for a National Championship. First, the offense.

QB Michael Vick: 757
RB Shyrone Stith: 757
FB Jarrett Ferguson: Roanoke area (walk-on)
WR Andre Davis: New York
WR Ricky Hall: Richmond
LT Dave Kadela: Ohio
LG Matt Lehr: Northern Virginia
C Keith Short: Richmond
RG Anthony Lambo: New Jersey
RT Josh Redding: Pennsylvania
TE Derrick Carter: 757

Seven offensive starters came from the state of Virginia, and three of those came from the 757. The defense is a different story…

DE Corey Moore: Tennessee
DT Carl Bradley: Lynchburg
DT Nathaniel Williams: Florida
DE John Engelberger: Northern Virginia (walk-on)
LB Michael Hawkes: Petersburg area...