Despite Late Disappointments, Virginia Tech’s 2017 Class is a Step in the Right Direction

Another National Signing Day is in the books.  Tech’s recruiting from January 1 through this past weekend was very strong.  Unfortunately, Signing Day didn’t go as well for the Hokies.  That being said, Tech recruited well this year, particularly for a staff that had a lot of ground to make up from the very beginning.

Like most classes, some things went Tech’s way, and some didn’t.  Let’s start with the bad news first, and then get on to the good news.

He’s staying home. Unless he’s not.

The Capehart Situation

Virginia Tech signed a big class today that filled a lot of needs with good prospects.  They beat out a lot of Power 5 schools to get them.  Nevertheless, almost all the Signing Day conversation revolves around Tahj Capehart and his flip from Virginia Tech to Maryland.  Capehart had been committed to Tech since August, and he was one of the first to start the “I’m Staying Home!” movement.  Now he’s a Terp.  Why?

From talking to several sources, I’ve been able to piece together what happened, to the best of my ability.  I don’t want this article to spend a lot of time on guys VT didn’t sign, so I’ll try (and probably fail) to go over it pretty quickly.  I’ll start by summing up the Capehart situation.