Act I Is Nearly Over For Virginia Tech Basketball

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Chris Clarke
Chris Clarke and the Hokies are nearly finished with their non-conference schedule. (Ivan Morozov)

I’m a big fan of movies. Not to say I am a movie buff, but I have always enjoyed going to movies. That desire really grew after college. I took a film class in my years at Virginia Tech, and once my eyes were opened to many elements of film-making that go overlooked I can no longer watch movies the same way. In case you’re wondering if you’ve opened up the wrong article, fear not! I will tie this all back into Hokie Hoops soon enough.

One of the more interesting things about a college basketball schedule is that you can break it down into three distinct parts:

  • Out-of-Conference Play
  • Conference Play
  • Postseason

It will help a little bit to think of these parts as a movie with three acts. Act I, or out-of-conference play, is where all of the characters are introduced. We get an overview of who the characters are and what they can do. You can tell the plot is building towards something, but you’re not entirely sure what that may be.

Act II, or conference play, is where the main characters are faced with a challenge. No more character-building, it is time for some action! There will be times when you feel the protagonist is destined for success, as well as times of sure failure, but many times your original thought might not be the final outcome.

Act III, or the postseason, is what everything has been leading