Mobile QBs and the Hokie Defense

CJ Brown Maryland Mobile QBs
Maryland QB C.J. Brown beats Tariq Edwards to the pylon in Tech’s 2013 loss to Maryland in Lane Stadium (photo: Ivan Morozov)

In late 2013, Maryland quarterback CJ Brown scrambled his way to a 122-yard rushing game in Lane Stadium as the Terps beat the Hokies 27-24 in overtime. Two games later, Brett Hundley of UCLA ran for 161 yards in the Sun Bowl. All of a sudden, the Hokies were having trouble stopping mobile quarterbacks, and that problem has reared its ugly head in many games since.

This is going to be a strictly “by the numbers” type of article. I’m going to examine Tech’s QB rushing defense by year, and I’m also going to split it out into wins and losses. You’re going to find out that the Hokies have never won a game since the start of 2013 in which they allowed 100 rushing yards to the quarterback, among several other interesting things.

Note: I did not include FCS opponents in this analysis.

The 2013 Season: The Trouble Begins

Let’s start with the 2013 season. Up until the end of the year, the Hokies were not having trouble stopping quarterbacks on the ground. Heading into the Maryland game, opposing quarterbacks were averaging just 15.2 yards per game, and only one (Marquise Williams of UNC) eclipsed 50 yards (Williams had 56).