Hokies Rolling Offensively, But Defense Must Improve

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Justin Robinson
Justin Robinson is a very important player for the Hokies this year (Ivan Morozov)

It is always good to be sitting at 3-0 after the first three games, no matter what happens during those games. It should come as a big positive to the fanbase that each of the games hasn’t been close, as the Hokies have pulled away from inferior teams and put them out of their misery. The flip side of that is that there isn’t much to glean from watching those types of games and trying to figure out who these Hokies are going to become. It also doesn’t help that High Point can’t defend most high school JV teams, even if they had eight players on the floor.*

* – only a slight exaggeration

I wanted to give some positives and negatives from the first three games and see what, if anything, can be taken from the opening portion of the season. So let’s break down this analysis into three categories: Statistics, Personnel, and Film.



89.0 ppg – In the entire history of basketball, 100% of the teams who have scored more points than their opponents have won the game. You guys don’t need me to tell you that, but if the Hokies continue to score 89 points per game (they won’t), you can go ahead and book your hotels for the Final Four (I wouldn’t).

53.5 FG% – The Hokies have shot the ball well, but