Monday Thoughts: Here Come the Hokies of Virginia Tech

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Virginia Tech football
The Hokies take the field at Notre Dame (photo: Ivan Morozov)

Before we get started, a little “editorial note” of sorts: I arrived back home at 9:00 PM Sunday from South Bend, only to discover that I had made the rookie mistake of not DVR’ing this game. I know for a fact that I DVR’d it out at my dad’s Claytor Lake House — I’m accumulating a library of games out there for watching next summer — but, come to think of it … I don’t recall DVR’ing it at my house.

That’s a shame, because this isn’t a game against ECU or Duke or Georgia Tech; this is Notre Dame. There are a couple of abbreviated replays, today at 11:30 AM on CSN (Hokie Playback) and again on Wednesday on NBCSN — that’ll be the NBC version, which is the one I really want — but neither one of those replays will be the full game, with all its back and forth.

So you’re getting what you might call an unprocessed version of my thoughts about this game, which can be more than a little short on details, stats, etc. I’ve told you guys before, I process games emotionally. I tend not to remember precisely all the details of a game, because I experience them emotionally first, with all the swings of momentum and ups and downs. Then I have to go back