Monday Thoughts: Victory by the Players, for the Players

Today is Halloween, so I thought this was appropriate (all photos by Ivan Morozov).

At this point, we don’t have a clue how history will treat this game. But in the moment, it was pretty epic.

As football fans, we always appreciate a game where the players dig down deep and find something new, a toughness and resiliency that goes beyond just blocking, tackling, passing and catching; that game where the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts through sheer force of will, where players make not just one play they might not ordinarily make, but play after play after play.

It is particularly sweet when these games matter, when something big is on the line. We all love a good, memorable contest, whether it’s a random occurrence or not. But when we know ahead of time that something big is at stake, that the outcome of a game is critical to the season, and then your guys go beyond the call, it’s especially gratifying.

When the sixty minutes are up, and it’s all been left on the field, and your guys are on top … well, that’s pretty darn cool.