TSL Roundtable: The Trap Game

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Justin Fuente
Can Justin Fuente help his team avoid the dreaded “trap” game?

Are you expecting the Hokies to have a somewhat flat performance this week considering the “trap” nature of this game, or are you expecting them to roll?

Tafkam Hokie: In the last couple of Roundtables, I’ve been cautiously optimistic.  I wanted to think this is a very good football team, but I could keep coming up with reasons/excuses why they might not be or why we still needed to see something else from them before I was convinced.

Well, forget that.  Three straight woodshed beatings have me convinced.  This is a good football team, and instead of rationalizing why they might not be, I’m just going to enjoy the ride.

This coaching staff does an outstanding job getting them prepared and doesn’t out-think itself while coming up with a game plan.  I don’t see any way VT plays flat despite this being a classic trap game.  We might play poorly.  We might get some bad bounces in what has historically been a house of horrors.  But I just don’t see any way the team comes out uninspired, unfocused, and disinterested due to daydreaming about next Thursday night against Miami instead of playing in the moment.

Even if things do start to go sideways in the game, I fully expect the staff’s preparation to be the difference.  I don’t think this team has a fragile psyche and a few things going wrong will not be enough to shake the players’ confidence or start a momentum-losing death spiral.  Whether we grit out a 3-point win in overtime or best the 62-0 beatdown, I think preparation and confidence will see us through in the end.