Good Times In Blacksburg

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Virginia Tech fans participated in a “This Is Home” card stunt after the first quarter of Saturday’s game against East Carolina (all photos by Ivan Morozov)

In last week’s article, I wrote that I hadn’t felt as good leaving Lane Stadium as I did after the BC win in a long time.  I didn’t think I’d get the same feeling again so soon.  Instead, we got a repeat performance against East Carolina, and in many ways this win was more impressive because the Pirates are a much more dangerous team than the Eagles.

Virginia Tech has struggled with East Carolina in recent years.  That goes without saying.  Since 2007, here are the results of each meeting…

2007: 17-7 W
2008: 27-22 L
2009: 16-3 W
2010: 49-27 W
2011: 17-10 W
2013: 15-10 W
2014: 28-21 L
2015: 35-28 L

With the exception of 2010, even when the Hokies beat East Carolina it was always a low scoring nail-biter.  Yesterday’s game was neither.  Tech hit the Pirates with a barrage of offense, defense and special teams, and took a 38-0 lead at halftime.

At halftime I saw some ECU fans walking through the concourse of the East Stands with the 1,000 yard stare.  They were there physically, but not mentally.  One told me, “This is the worst beating I’ve seen us take in years.”

Looking back through their past scores, he was right.  The Pirates lost to South Carolina 48-10 in 2012, which is one point higher than Tech’s margin of victory on Saturday.  But the Hokies were up by 38 points halfway through the game, and I seriously doubt the Pirates have been blitzed like that over 30 minutes