C.D. Hylton’s John Harris Calls Ricky Slade ‘Human Highlight Film’

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There are several top-end recruits that Virginia Tech is courting for the Class of 2018, one of them being 5-star running back Ricky Slade.


“It’s almost like he’s a human highlight film,” said John Harris, assistant coach at C.D. Hylton High School. “The kid’s averaging over 13 yards per carry, he’s playing great defense, he already has an interception on the season. When they do decide to kick the ball to him, he’s getting over 35, 40 yards on kick returns.”

Slade is one of Virginia Tech’s top targets for the ’18 class, and rightfully so. Watch his highlight film from his first four games of this season.

Slade’s big play ability often lifts his teammates’ morale during games.

“It’s just one of those things for him, that you’re never out of a game,” Harris said. “When you have him on the field, you always just feel like you’re in a game. Even with Battlefield, we were struggling in the first half. Next thing you know, he takes one 98, 99 yards to the endzone, then we have a ball game.”

While Slade is a talented player, Harris said that his work ethic is what really sets him apart from other talented kids.

“Ricky’s a kid where, we come in on Sunday mornings to watch film, Ricky’s the kind of kid that’s in there so he can watch film too,” Harris said. “During the offseason, he’s a kid that’ll go from football practice, in there with us, then he’ll go right to his personal trainer.”

Being a big-time recruit can be exhausting. Slade has 26 scholarship offers already, most from big time programs. Slade revealed his top-five just a couple weeks ago, listing Florida, North Carolina, Penn State, Tennessee and Virginia Tech as the schools he’s still considering. When you’re that sought after, there’s little free time.

“On top of being a high school student and everything that comes with that, now you have to figure out where you’re going to college. It can be a lot of pressure,” Harris said. “Sometimes, people aren’t happy with decisions that you make, but with Ricky, the good thing about it is he’s been so grounded throughout it all. It’s not as stressful as it could have been.”

Fortunately enough for Slade, he’s had some