Virginia Tech’s 49-0 Win Gives Fanbase a Shot in the Arm

Virginia Tech Jerod Evans
Jerod Evans, shown here running through the Boston College defense, tied a Virginia Tech record with five touchdown passes (all photos by Ivan Morozov)

A Much-Needed Shot in the Arm

For those of you who attended the game yesterday, when is the last time you felt that good leaving Lane Stadium?  It’s been awhile for me, and I’d probably have to go all the way back to the 2011 Miami game.

To refresh your memory, before yesterday’s game Virginia Tech was 2-10 in their previous 12 home games against Power 5 opponents plus East Carolina.  If there’s anything that will sap the will of a fanbase, it’s losing home games.  That’s particularly true for a school like Tech, which is located four or five hours away from large portions of the fanbase in Northern Virginia and the Tidewater.  It takes a big effort to attend games for those fans in those parts of the state, and watching the Hokies lose to just about everybody with a pulse can get pretty demoralizing.  I know I was somewhat demoralized, and I live five minutes from the stadium.

Watching teams like Duke, Georgia Tech, Maryland and ECU celebrate on Worsham Field like they just won the Super Bowl was getting old.  We needed to start winning some of those games again, and yesterday’s result was a great start.  Yesterday’s game was a much-needed shot in the arm for the program, the players, and the fans.  I know it was for me personally.

The bottom line is that yesterday was exactly what the fanbase needed.  It was a 3:30 kick, the weather was perfect, the defense dominated, and the offense was extremely efficient against a defense that ranked #1 in the country a year ago.  That was a lot of fun.

The Fuente-Foster Combo

During last fall’s coaching search, two big questions kept getting asked…

1: Who is Whit Babcock going to hire?
2: Will Bud Foster be retained?

The plan all along was to get a head coach who was known for putting successful offenses on the field.  Justin Fuente was that guy.  While it wasn’t a requirement that he keep Bud Foster around, it was certainly recommended.  After meeting with Bud at Fuente’s home in Memphis, the two coaches decided they could work together, and Tech fans rejoiced when the announcement was made that Foster would be retained.

I think it’s safe to say that yesterday’s game was the type of game that Tech fans had been dreaming of ever since the Fuente-Foster pairing was made official.  They wanted to get back to their old ways of being a dominating defense, while also putting an offense on the field that was efficient and that could score points.  It all came together in Saturday’s shellacking of Boston College.

Check out some of these stats…

Total plays: Virginia Tech 77, BC 57
Yards per play: Virginia Tech 6.2, BC 2.2
Turnovers: Virginia Tech 1, BC 2
Third downs: Virginia Tech 7-of-14, BC 4-of-17
Rushing yards: Virginia Tech 223, BC 44

That’s a perfect storm of domination on both sides of the ball, and the result was a 49-0 shutout.  Let’s be clear: Boston College is not a good team.  They have a good defense, but their offense is only slightly less awful than it was a year ago.  They went winless in ACC play last season, and they might be headed down the same path again this year.

But 49-0 is 49-0.  It was Virginia Tech’s largest margin of victory against an ACC opponent since they joined the league way back in 2004, tying the 55-6 win over Maryland that season.  It was Boston College’s largest margin of defeat since a 50-0 defeat at the hands of Ole Miss way back in 1950.  That was a long time ago.  You can slice it and dice it however you want, but it was an extremely impressive performance by the Hokies, and it was the type of performance we’ve all been dreaming of since Justin Fuente decided to retain Bud Foster.

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