Monday Thoughts, Tuesday Edition: Flame On!

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The Tennessee offensive line struggled to protect Dobbs most of the night, allowing multiple sacks and hurries. Their QB certainly wasn’t comfortable sitting back and throwing, and the pressure was affecting his throws.

Another observation is how he favors the right side of the field. I counted roughly nine passes thrown to the left side of the field, and that is out of 29 pass attempts that game. He tends to stare down his target from the right side to center field, and Appalachian State caught on to this very early in the game. In the first quarter a true freshman cornerback was able to jump a senior quarterback’s pass, which in the clip you can see happen twice in a row (two different series).

Video: Pass defended well by Appalachian State defensive back

(All photos by Ivan Morozov)

The further this game gets in the rear view mirror, the more I think it was a pretty darn good start to the season.

Perfect? Of course not. The fumbles — five of them, four lost — are the most glaring concern, and there are a few other, more subtle things that need to improve. But there are a number