TSL Roundtable: What Should We Expect in the Debut of Virginia Tech’s New Offense?

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Justin Fuente
Justin Fuente makes his debut on Saturday.

What are you looking for out of the Virginia Tech offense against Liberty?

Nova Hokie 95: I’m not looking for a whole lot specifically out of the offense against Liberty — first game with a new coach AND a new QB? Especially a QB completely new to the team? I’m keeping expectations low for sure.

What I’m trying to limit my hopes to is just that the Hokies play like Billy Dee Williams. No, not “it works every time” of Colt 45 fame. But smoooooooth. Man, Billy Dee was smooth as can be. Will our offense be? Relatively, at least? Mistakes will be made. Overs will be turned. Picks very well might be thrown. But overall, does the offense look as smooth as Billy Dee?

I posted a few other questions on the message boards last week that kind of play into this overall look: Are we pushing them around? Picking up short yardage situations? Are we playing poorly or making easily correctable mistakes? Is Jerod Evans doing well or throwing floaters that a better team picks off?

Forget the point spread. This is us against us and there’s no point spread on that. But at the end of the game, I want that woman from Dr. Doolittle to be shouting “Billy Dee, Billy Dee, Billy Dee!”

Hokie CPA: Considering we