Bringing Back ‘DBU’, Part 3: New Coaches and New Ideas

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Brandon Facyson
Brandon Facyson

Here are a few topics to close out our look at Tech’s new secondary coaches, plus a little bit of reader Q&A.

Corner Assignments

One seemingly enacted change is the reassigning of cornerback roles to left and right, as opposed to field and boundary. Foster’s already slimmed down his boundary/field flopping by keeping his down linemen fixed to a left/right alignment, so trying out left/right corners isn’t too surprising. Strategy-wise, Chris has written about how right-handed quarterbacks (i.e., most quarterbacks) generally throw better to the right.  This might mean it’s better to have a better pass-defender play that spot (the Left Cornerback.)

On the other hand, having a right-handed QB means it’s easier to run to the right from a personnel standpoint since the right tackle and guard aren’t blind-side pass blockers and can be better at run-blocking. Passes and runs to that side mean the ball is more likely to end up on the right hash, and plenty of offenses like to spread out defenses to the wide side of the field and then send runners into the boundary. So depending on the opponent, that Left Cornerback’s best attributes might be run-support skills and a hard-nose for blitzing.

Foster’s on the record as saying when he doesn’t have one lockdown-type guy, he’s played with left/right corner in the past, though I can’t say it’s something I’ve ever noticed