Why Josh Jackson Could Win The Job

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Justin Fuente, Josh Jackson
Justin Fuente with Josh Jackson

Virginia Tech Head Coach Justin Fuente always says he values three things in his quarterback: protecting the football, managing the ups and downs of a game and predicted outcomes.  He’s also on the record as saying that all things being equal, he will go with the quarterback who protects the football the best.

I’m not sure what Fuente considers to be good when he talks about protecting the football, so I researched interception percentage of his four starting quarterbacks at TCU and Memphis and compared them to every single quarterback of the Beamer Bowl Era.  Here are the results…

Jacob Karam (Memphis): 1.1 percent
Paxton Lynch (Memphis): 1.9 percent
Casey Pachall (TCU): 1.98 percent
Andy Dalton (TCU): 2.2 percent
Tyrod Taylor: 2.3 percent
Al Clark: 2.5 percent
Jim Druckenmiller: 3.1 percent
Logan Thomas: 3.1 percent
Sean Glennon: 3.2 percent
Michael Brewer: 3.3 percent
Michael Vick: 3.5 percent
Bryan Randall: 3.7 percent
Grant Noel: 3.9 percent
Maurice DeShazo: 4.2 percent
Brenden Motley: 4.2 percent
Marcus Vick: 4.3 percent

(Note: For Casey Pachall and Andy Dalton, I only used the numbers from the seasons they were coached by Justin Fuente.  Pachall actually went from a 26-7 TD-INT ratio under Fuente to a 16-11 ratio without Fuente).

To sum it up, all four of Fuente’s starting quarterbacks have a better interception percentage than every single one of Virginia Tech’s starting quarterbacks since 1993.  When he says he values the protection of the football, that’s not just coach speak.  He’s being serious.  That’s