The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Josh Jackson, Quarterbacks, Training Camp, and Redshirting

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1) So taking your nugget that Josh Jackson may still be in the mix and an older article that Justin Fuente will take short term loss for long term gain, doesn’t that set up that Jackson could start this year like Paxton Lynch started early at Memphis? –  jjcopeland

Chris Coleman: For reference on jjcopeland’s question, see the following links…

Thread: Last night’s thread on Josh Jackson
Article: Sacrificing The Short-Term for Long-Term Gains

I do believe in building for the long-term, and I said as much in the article.  But at the same time, Virginia Tech is not Memphis.  We have a bowl streak to protect.  Justin Fuente doesn’t need to light the world on fire in his first year as Virginia Tech’s head coach, but losing the bowl streak or even finishing 6-6 is most definitely not ideal.