Buzz Williams: His Contract, His Future, And His Fit

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Buzz Williams
Buzz celebrates the win over #7 Miami

Buzz Williams signed a two year contract extension with Virginia Tech, and he also endowed two scholarships. Today we discuss his contract, his future, and why his coaching style is the perfect fit for Virginia Tech.

A Coach-Friendly Deal, But That’s Okay

Buzz Williams is his own agent. If he ever wanted to get out of coaching, he could probably make a lot of money as other people’s agent. He’s a really shrewd negotiator, he understands leverage, and ultimately he signs great deals for himself.

Here’s the new contract information.

2016-17: $2.5M salary, $100k retention bonus, $2.6M total
2017-18: $2.6M salary, $100k retention bonus, $2.7M total
2018-19: $2.7M salary, $200k retention bonus, $2.9M total
2019-20: $2.8M salary, $200k retention bonus, $3.0M total
2020-21: $2.9 M salary, $200k retention bonus, $3.1M total
2021-22: $3.2M salary, no retention bonus, $3.2M total
2022-23: $3.3M salary, no retention bonus, $3.3M total

And now here is the year-by-year buyout…

2016-17: $1.5M
2017-18: $900K
2018-19: $750K
2019-20: $500K
2020-21: $500K
2021-22: $250K
2022-23: None

(Note: All of those numbers are per David Teel of the Newport News Daily Press. Virginia Tech has not responded to Ricky LaBlue’s request for a copy of the new contract, so we can’t officially confirm those numbers. However, it’s David Teel, so you can count on the information being accurate.)