Virginia Tech Approval Ratings: Summer of 2016

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2015.10.17. Aerial Campus Photography, Virginia Tech. October Flyover.
Aerial Campus Photography, Virginia Tech, October 2015 Flyover. Photo by Ivan Morozov

Last summer we introduced a new feature: the very first approval ratings for Virginia Tech’s top administrators and coaches.  It’s been nearly a year since we ran that article, and its time to do an update.

Click here to read the synopsis of last year’s approval ratings.

Obviously a lot has happened in the last year.  Frank Beamer and Dennis Wolff were both included in last year’s article, but they obviously won’t be this year.  Justin Fuente has taken over the football program, while Whit Babcock hired Kenny Brooks to take over for the dismissed Wolff.

I made the decision not to include Kenny Brooks in this year’s ratings.  He’s only been at Tech for a couple of months, and that’s not enough time for fans to get a feel for his abilities, or to know the man himself.  I included Justin Fuente because he’s been actively recruiting, he’s got spring practice under his belt, and fans have had exposure to him in a media setting.

Our participants will be…

Tim Sands, President
Whit Babcock, Athletic Director
Justin Fuente, Football
Buzz Williams, Men’s Basketball
Pat Mason, Baseball

You’ll have six choices for each coach/administrator.  Choose the one that best describes your feelings for how each person is currently doing his job.  After a week, we’ll come back and look at the results and wrap it up with a bigger, more detailed article.  If you don’t know, or have no opinion on any particular coach/administrator, please choose