The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Basketball Expectations, Money, and Football Recruiting

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1) 10,000 foot view…what’s the biggest challenge facing VT athletics in the next decade? If one challenge is too easy, feel free to expand upon your answer. – rjh4vt

Chris Coleman: Simple.  Money. 24 athletic departments are bringing in $100 million or more in revenue now, and that number will soon grow to 30 or more.  Virginia Tech brought in a little over $80 million, per this USA Today database, for the 2015 Fiscal Year.  Obviously the Hokies are way behind.  Check out some of the schools that are above Tech…

Illinois: $86 million
West Virginia: $90.5 million
Kansas: $91.86 million
Indiana: $88.362 million
Louisville: $104.325 million
Maryland: $92.7 million

I wouldn’t have thought that schools such as West Virginia and Kansas would be that far ahead of Tech, or even Maryland despite their Big Ten membership.  In fact, the Hokies are less than $4 million ahead of NC State, who ranks dead last in revenue among all ACC public schools.

“Fire Pat Mason!”

“Fire Dennis Wolff!’

“Give Buzz Williams a huge raise!”

“Give Kevin Dresser