Catching Up On A Week’s Worth of Virginia Tech News

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2015.10.17. Aerial Campus Photography, Virginia Tech. October Flyover.
Aerial Campus Photography, Virginia Tech.
October Flyover.

A lot happened last week in Virginia Tech athletics.  Naturally I was out of town on vacation, so I wasn’t around to cover it.  Still, I kept up with it, and I’ve got plenty of thoughts on each subject.  Today’s article is going to meander between the Hezekiah Grismley commit and 757 recruiting, retaining Pat Mason, and hiring a new lacrosse coach.

John Sung Hired as Women’s Lacrosse Coach

Here’s Virginia Tech’s ACC lacrosse record, year by year, since the program joined the ACC…

2005: 0-4
2006: 0-5
2007: 0-5
2008: 0-5
2009: 1-4
2010: 0-5
2011: 1-4
2012: 1-4
2013: 0-5
2014: 0-7
2015: 0-7
2016: 0-7

This program doesn’t need to be rebuilt, because it was never built in the first place.  We’re basically starting from scratch.  Whit Babcock obviously realizes that, so he hired a guy who has experience building programs.

John Sung built a pair of start-up programs, first at Division III Adrian College, and the second at Winthrop.  Neither school had a program prior to Sung’s arrival, and he developed both into winners from the ground up.  He went 54-26 in four seasons at Winthrop, including 37-7 the last two years with two NCAA Tournament appearances.

Hiring a proven winner is important, but you can’t just hire any proven winner.  In this case, it was important that Tech’s next coach have