The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Hokie Club Talk, In-State Recruiting, and More

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1) How much of a factor do you think geography plays in HC membership? I know it is often considered a significant factor in recruiting, but given that a large percentage of the alumni base is 3+ hours from Blacksburg (DC, Richmond, Tidewater and beyond), how do you think this impacts HC membership/game attendance? – Hokley

Chris Coleman: Hmmm. That’s a good question. I definitely believe it plays a role, for a couple of different reasons.

1: The farther away a person is from Blacksburg, the less likely they are to purchase season tickets. In turn, that makes it less likely that they are going join the Hokie Club.

2: Lack of connection. If you spend enough time away from a place, many people will start to lose their connection, and thus will be less likely to donate as time goes by. If an alum rarely ever makes it back to Blacksburg, he or she is less likely to donate I think, though obviously some of you are exceptions to that rule.

I’ve always said that if Virginia Tech was located where UVA is located, we’d recruit better, and we’d need a 75,000+ seat stadium. I think the same thing probably applies