What The Loss Of Alexander And Gaines Means For Virginia Tech

Houshun Gaines
Houshun Gaines

Virginia Tech lost two key defensive players on Sunday when Houshun Gaines and Adonis Alexander were suspended from the team. How does their absence affect the Hokies? And will either player ever suit up for Tech again?

Let’s discuss the second question first. I found the following passage in Virginia Tech’s Student Code of Conduct

“Students found responsible for possessing, using, manufacturing, possessing with intent to manufacture, selling, dispensing, or distributing any illegal drug or substance controlled under state or federal law will face serious disciplinary action that will likely result in suspension or dismissal from the university for a first offense.”

I don’t think it’s very likely at all that Alexander and Gaines will be dismissed from Virginia Tech for a first-time offense of possession, especially if the offense occurred off campus. I don’t know where it occurred, but I’m guessing if took place off campus. For the record, Alexander lives off campus while Gaines lives on campus.