Virginia Tech Offensive Review: Spring 2016

Virginia Tech’s offense put up an unofficial 432 yards on 101 plays in Saturday’s Spring Game. That’s not a particularly good yards per play average, though given who was hurt (out for the game) and who the coaching staff chose not to use, things were actually a lot better than they seemed.

  • Isaiah Ford: 131 career catches, 1873 yards, 17 touchdowns. Did not play on Saturday.
  • Cam Phillips: 89 career catches, 1080 yards, 5 touchdowns. Did not play on Saturday.
  • Bucky Hodges: 85 career catches, 1056 yards, 13 touchdowns. Limited playing time on Saturday.
  • Travon McMillian: 200 career carries, 1043 yards, 8 total touchdowns. Limited playing time on Saturday.

Those are Tech’s top four threats on the offensive side of the ball. Two of them didn’t play at all, Hodges wasn’t on the field very much, and McMillian only got three carries. The coaching staff chose to keep things vanilla, and to give a lot of work to the backups. That naturally limited offensive production while giving the backups an opportunity to sort out the depth chart.

Obviously nobody got to see very much practice during the spring, so there are only so many projections I can make. However, from reading the tea leaves and using my own eyes, here are my thoughts on each offensive position at the conclusion of Spring Practice.