Virginia Tech Target Board Update: Offense


Virginia Tech has a commitment from North Carolina quarterback Hendon Hooker, but the Hokies still have a lot of work to do on the offensive side of the ball. Tech needs wide receivers, a tight end or two, multiple offensive linemen, and at least one running back to make this offensive class complete.

The Hokies only have nine or 10 scholarship seniors on their roster. I’m not sure whether long snapper Eddie D’Antuono is on scholarship or not, but he probably is. Either way, there aren’t very many seniors to replace. It currently looks like Tech will have about 80 scholarship players on the roster this fall (give or take a few). That means, in theory, the Hokies won’t be able to take more than 15 players in this class.

However, you know there will be attrition between now and then. Some players will not like the methods of the new staff, so they’ll transfer. Others will transfer because of playing time, or perhaps give up football altogether. I figure Tech will end up signing around 20 guys in this class. It always seems as if they sign more than originally projected, so why would this year be any different?