The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Devin Wilson, Buzz Williams, Football Recruiting, and More

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Justin Robinson
The Hokies have talented guards and wings, such as freshman Justin Robinson.

1) How does Justin Robinson’s freshman season compare to that of Malcolm Delaney, Erick Green, Jamon Gordon, Zabian Dowdell, etc? – GretnaHokie

Chris Coleman: There are lots of ways to answer that question.  Probably the best way is to use some advanced metrics, because they take all stats into account.  I’ll pull up and take a look at the Player Efficiency Rating (PER) of each of those players in his freshman season.  The higher the number, the better the rating.

Jamon Gordon: 15.0
Zabian Dowdell: 12.3
Malcolm Delaney: 14.0
Erick Green: 6.6
Justin Robinson: 12.1

Justin Robinson’s freshman season compares favorably with that of Zabian Dowdell.  He’s a little bit behind Malcolm Delaney and Jamon Gordon, but he’s well ahead of Erick Green.

Robinson didn’t start to come on towards the end of the season, so let’s take a look at each player’s PER against conference regular season opponents only…

Jamon Gordon: 11.4
Zabian Dowdell: 9.0
Malcolm Delaney: 11.2
Erick Green: 1.9
Justin Robinson: 15.0

Wow.  Let me say it again…WOW.  Justin Robinson clearly outpaced all of those players in the conference portion of his schedule.

Numbers are one thing, but you don’t need to see numbers to see the impact that Robinson made down the stretch.  Anybody who watched the games knows that he was playing at a high level, and that he’s a great fit for Buzz Williams’ offensive system.  He can beat guys off the dribble, and he can get to the rack.  His 110 free throw attempts rank behind only Seth Allen (219) and Zach LeDay (210), and those guys are older, more experienced players who were on the court for more minutes.

Robinson is a tough player who can finish over bigger defenders.  He runs the court very well, he knocks down open jumpers, and he has the quickness to develop into a very pesky defender.  His work ethic is very good.  All of those attributes will give him the opportunity to have a great career.

2) Who, from the last 20 years, would you want in Justin Fuente’s offense?  I think everyone would logically say MV1. My gut reaction was Andre Davis. Speed for days. – halesvb11

CC: That’s exactly who I would pick as well.  I’d pick Andre Davis no matter who was coaching the Hokies, because you can’t teach elite speed.  From a statistical perspective, it’s a real shame that Andre Davis played in the late 90s/early 2000s era.

1998: 5 catches, 83 yards, 16.6 ypc
1999: 35 catches, 962 yards, 27.5 ypc, 9 TDs
2000: 24 catches, 318 yards, 13.3 ypc, 2 TDs
2001: 39 catches, 623 yards, 16.0 ypc, 7 TDs
Total: 103 catches, 1986 yards, 19.3 ypc, 18 TDs

As a comparison, Isaiah Ford has already caught