Virginia Tech Offensive Preview: Production at the Skill Positions

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Justin Fuente
Justin Fuente

When Justin Fuente became the offensive coordinator under TCU head coach Gary Patterson, he orchestrated one of the most explosive and high scoring offenses in the nation. I researched his offensive statistics and countless games going back to the 2009 season to get an idea of how Fuente’s system will produce in Blacksburg.

Statistically, I wanted to see what were the most and least productive positions in his offenses, see what wide receivers had the most catches, how often the running backs carried the ball, or even how often his quarterbacks passed and ran the ball.

As I tried to better understand Fuente’s offensive scheme, I wanted to focus on how he managed his personnel, and see how it translates to Virginia Tech’s roster. Looking at the skill positions, Fuente has to be excited to inherit a good deal of talent from the previous regime.

Since we cannot fast-forward to September 2016, I will use some statistics I researched as well as film study to project which players are likely to fill the starting role in Fuente’s offense.

Personnel & Formations

The first step to envisioning Fuente’s offense is understanding the personnel