The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Spring Practice, Hoops, and More

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1) Now more than ever we’ve been seeing a lot of offers going out in places like Alabama, Oklahoma, and Texas in addition to our normal territories like Virginia and Florida (and to a certain extent New Jersey and Pennsylvania). Is there any worry that we might be spreading our recruiting influence a little too thin by widening our footprint so much? – mwcocke

Chris Coleman: Ten years ago, or even five years ago, I would have said yes.  However, I don’t think the same rules apply anymore for one reason: social media.

Coaches have a set limit on the number of phone calls they can make, but recruits have no such limit.  Direct messages on Twitter can’t be monitored, either.  A coach can have a conversation with a recruit on Twitter every day if he wants.  He can then ask the recruit to call him, and that doesn’t count towards the phone call limit.  That’s an easy way to get around the NCAA contact rules.

In fact, from reading a lot of recruiting updates around the internet recently, that’s exactly what the Virginia Tech coaches have been doing.  I’ve read countless quotes like this: “Coach Such and Such from Virginia Tech messaged me on Twitter and asked me to call him.  When I called him, he offered me a scholarship.”

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