Scholarship Offers and the 2016 Class: Part 1

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By now we all know that there is no perfect way to rate a recruiting class.  Each recruiting/scouting service tries their best.  In the end, sometimes they get it right, and sometimes they don’t.  Sometimes one of them will get it right, and the others won’t.  What is the right way to rank recruiting classes?  The right answer is there is no right way.

Back in October and November, I ran two articles about Power 5 scholarship offers and recruiting.  You can read the articles here and here.  Virginia Tech’s recruiting classes were compared to the classes of UNC and Clemson, and a strong case could be made that schools with more players who had a high number of Power 5 offers were more likely to succeed on the field.

The Tar Heels and the Tigers both had teams that were made up of players who had a lot more high-level offers than Tech’s players.  The Hokies went 7-6, Clemson almost won the National Championship, while UNC won 11 games and nearly won the ACC.

There’s a flaw in that system though, too.  There’s no way to know whether or not the offers listed in the Rivals database are 100% accurate.  For example, they don’t list Tavante Beckett with a Maryland offer, though he did get one late in the process (I cheated and gave him a Maryland offer, for purposes of this article).  To account for possible mistakes in the Rivals database, I came up with a points system…

0 offer: 1 point
1-3 offers: 2 points
4-6 offers: 3 points
7-9 offers: 4 points
10-15 offers: 5 points
6-19 offers: 6 points
20+ offers: 7 points

Of course, that point system isn’t perfect either.  Still, those who are searching for a perfect ratings system might as well be looking for the Fountain of Youth.

Today we’re going to use this points system to take a closer look at Virginia Tech’s 2016 recruiting class.  I used the Rivals database to gather the information.  I chose Rivals not because I believe they are more or less accurate than 247, but simply because their pages load a lot faster for me than 247’s.  I don’t think it really matters in the