The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Football, Hoops and Recruiting

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1) Which remaining basketball game do you think has the best chance at a surprise win? Meaning a win over a top-half ACC opponent, not that ANY win would be a surprise. – Nova Hokie 95

Chris Coleman: I’ll define “top half” as the top seven of the 15-team ACC. Obviously the bottom part of the top seven could fluctuate on a game-by-game basis, but we’ll just use today’s top 7 as a comparison.

#1 UNC: No Games Remaining
#2 Louisville: No Game Remaining
#3 Clemson: Feb. 6 in Blacksburg
#4 Miami: Feb. 17 in Miami, March 5 in Blacksburg
#5 Pitt: Jan. 31 in Pittsburgh, March 2 in Blacksburg
#6 Notre Dame: No Games Remaining
#7 Duke: No Games Remaining

I know Clemson is on a roll, but I consider that game on February 6 in Blacksburg to be Tech’s best chance at a “surprise” win from here on out. I’d either go with that one, or the March 2 game against Pitt in Cassell Coliseum. But would either one of those qualify as a “surprise” win? I don’t think so.

Let’s use Ken Pomeroy’s win probability as an example. The percentage listed is the chances Pomeroy gives the Hokies to win each of their remaining games…

at Pitt: 22%
at Syracuse: