Friday Q&A, Part 1: Basketball

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Buzz Williams
Buzz Williams

We got a lot of good questions this week for both football and basketball.  I didn’t wan to waste so many good questions, so I went with the simplest solution: two separate Q&A’s!

1) Where have the Men’s Basketball team improved and where have they gotten worse? – wakerjsa8286

Chris Coleman: Improved from last year, or improved from the beginning of the season? I’m not exactly sure which one you mean, so I’ll throw out a few specific examples for both.

I’m impressed with the way Zach LeDay has changed his game in the middle of the season. He was scoring in the paint against non-conference teams, but as the competition has gotten bigger and more athletic, his inside game hasn’t had nearly as much success. He was starting to get a lot of shots blocked because he was going right at bigger, stronger and more athletic guys.

It took him awhile, but he’s finally made the adjustment to take more jump shots, and to get more creative with his shots overall, rather than just taking it right at those ACC bigs. He told me after the Wake Forest win that Buzz Williams told him to start taking more three-pointers, so let’s give both guys credit for making the adjustment in the middle of the season.

LeDay was 2-11 from three-point range in out of conference play, and is 7-10 in ACC play, including 3-4 against Virginia and 4-4 against Wake Forest.

Justin Bibbs played his best offensive game against Wake Forest. Before that game,