The First Big Win of the Buzz Williams Era

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Jalen Hudson
Jalen Hudson celebrates the win over #4 UVA with the fans.

I was prepared to write a column today that covered my thoughts on Virginia Tech’s recently completed football staff. In light of last night’s win over #4 UVA, I think I’ll put that one off until tomorrow.

Normally it’s easy to cover these games as a Tech fan. This is our fourth year with a press pass, so I’ve gotten to witness first hand a lot of losses, and a lot of bad basketball. There hasn’t been a lot to cheer about, so I sit through each game without emotion, do my job, and then go home. Last night was a bit different.

Imagine yourself in the shoes of a guy who has missed maybe five VT basketball games in the last 15 years. You’re that big of a VT hoops fan, and the Hokies are on the verge of upsetting #4 UVA in Cassell Coliseum, but since you are in the media, you aren’t allowed the cheer. Let me tell you…it’s tough. It’s the correct rule, because it’s unprofessional and disruptive to cheer, but it’s tough.

Somebody stole Whit Babcock’s seat last night, so he came up to press row and sat two seats down from me for most of the game. He asked me how I keep my emotions in check while covering the game. I told him that it’s really hard, and that I’m sure I’m sacrificing years off the end of my life. But last night was certainly worth it.