Coaching Salaries, and Finding Another Coach Cav

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Justin Fuente was allocated exactly $3.4 million to spread among his assistant coaches, per his contract that was handed out to the media at his introductory press conference. With seven assistant coaches officially hired, we’re able to take a pretty close look at what the salary situation will look like next season.

Andy Bitter did some outstanding research last week, and came up with the salaries of the three coaches Justin Fuente has hired from Memphis. Bud Foster is signed up for $925,000 per his pre-existing contract. Torrian Gray, Charley Wiles and Zohn Burden should all receive 6% raises, according to Bitter, though it’s possible that their contracts could be reworked with Fuente at the helm.

With that information, here’s the current salary situation…

Bud Foster, DC: $925,000
James Shibest, TE/ST: $420,000
Charley Wiles, DL: $327,529
Torrian Gray, DB: $292,136
Vance Vice, OL: $260,000
Holmon Wiggins, WR: $260,000
Zohn Burden, RB: $196,630
Total: $2,681,295

That means Justin Fuente has $718,705 to hire an OC/QB coach, as well as a whips coach.

The OC/QB coach seems as if it’s going to be Brad Cornelsen, who will make the move as soon as Memphis finishes