The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Attrition, and a Stronger Coastal Division

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1) Right now, no players have left the program except for Kendall Fuller. Has Justin Fuente done an excellent job of selling his coaching style and his staff to our present players? I realize every program has its transfers, but do you expect more than normal after the spring game? By then, Fuente and his staff should have a better feel for each player on the team and vice versa. – Old Line Hokie

Chris Coleman: I think we’ll see some attrition after the bowl game, but there really isn’t any point in announcing it publicly before the bowl. I don’t think there will be a lot of attrition before the bowl. We already know we’re losing guys like Joel Caleb who have another year left. I don’t feel like we’ll lose a ton of other guys after the bowl game.

It’s much harder for a football player to transfer than it is for a basketball player. Most football players redshirt, so if they transfer they end up losing a year of eligibility. It really isn’t worth it. There will certainly be a bit of attrition at Virginia Tech, but it’s not like the roster will be gutted.

All that being said, I actually expect more attrition after the