Whit Babcock Gives a Lesson in How to Hire a Coach

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I’ve got plenty to say about Justin Fuente, Whit Babcock, Bud Foster, and the entire Virginia Tech football situation. It’s so much that it can’t possibly be put into one article, so I’ve decided to space them out.

Today we’ll talk about the latest assistant coach rumors, talk about Fuente’s great decision to bring his two top recruiters from Memphis, and discuss how badly Whit Babcock whipped opposing athletic directors who were also involved in coaching searches.

Latest Assistant Coach Update

I want to share the latest assistant coach gossip before we get into anything else. Things have changed a bit from what we were hearing on Sunday and Monday.

Justin Fuente met with Charley Wiles and Torrian Gray yesterday. No official decision has been made on their status, because Fuente likes to sleep on things. He doesn’t make quick, rash decisions when it comes to his coaching staff, and it’s tough to blame him for that. Remember, he had never met anybody on Virginia Tech’s staff before he came to Blacksburg (except for Bud Foster), and it would be foolish for him to commit to hiring any of them until he meets them.

That said, it sounds like Charley Wiles is staying. It also sounds as if Gray has the opportunity to stay, but he’s also dealing with offers from elsewhere. Gray has coached in the NFL before, so that could be an option. He could potentially have offers as a defensive coordinator in smaller conferences as well. Other major schools could want him as a defensive backs coach. I’m not sure what he’s going to do.

With that information, here’s what the coaching staff looks like right now…

QB: ?
RB: ? or Holman Wiggins
WR: ? or Holman Wiggins
OL: ?
TE/ST: James Shibest
DL: Most likely Charley Wiles
LB/DC: Bud Foster
Whips: ?
DB: Possibly Torrian Gray

The Hokies are still looking for anywhere between four and six assistant coaches.

Yesterday we were hearing there was no chance any of the offensive coaches would return. Today we are hearing differently. Fuente is interested in wide receivers coach Zohn Burden because of his ties to the 757. Multiple sources have told us that he’ll get an interview. Also, there’s a small chance that offensive line coach