Monday Thoughts: Coach Fuente In, Coach Beamer Relaxed and Joking

Justin Fuente, shown in Memphis gear that he won't be wearing anymore (AP Photo).
Justin Fuente, shown in Memphis gear that he won’t be wearing anymore (AP Photo).

Things are happening fast and furious now, so this won’t be a long article, since the press conference to introduce Justin Fuente is at 10 AM Monday morning.

That alone brings up a thought: now that it’s happening, it’s hard to believe how fast it’s happening. Two things fell into place this weekend: Frank Beamer won, which means he’ll be coaching one more bowl game, and the Hokies hired their new coach.

On Friday, there was a ton of uncertainty surrounding Frank’s immediate future and Virginia Tech’s long-term future; by Sunday morning, there wasn’t. That’s a lot to absorb in just a couple days.

What do I think of the Fuente hire? Solid hire. He checks several of the boxes. He’s an accomplished offensive-minded coach, as was heavily detailed in the press release for his hiring. That was one of the main criteria valued by Whit Babcock, who must sell tickets in a competitive entertainment landscape, and who must bring a program known for defense and special teams into the modern offensive era.