A Bittersweet Loss

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The next time you watch a football game from Lane Stadium, Frank Beamer will not be wearing a headset on the sideline. Even though his retirement was announced a few weeks ago, it’s still sort of hard to believe, isn’t it?

We all wanted a storybook ending for Frank Beamer. When the Hokies went down 24-10 in the fourth quarter, it appeared that not only were we not going to get the ending we wanted, we might get the exact opposite…a rout in the favor of North Carolina. However, the Hokies dug deep, took advantage of two Marquise Williams fumbles, and forced overtime.

It was a gutsy comeback. It’s one that I’m sure Frank Beamer is very proud of. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough.  It was a bittersweet day. Let’s take a look at a few factors that led to the loss.

Was this a touchdown?  I'm not sure, but the original call was not overturned.
Was this a touchdown? I’m not sure, but the original call was not overturned.

The Overtime Review

Here’s a line from the NCAA rulebook, regarding what constitutes a catch…

“If a player goes to the ground in the act of catching a pass (with or without contact by an opponent) he must maintain complete and continuous control of the ball throughout the process of contacting the ground, whether in the field of play or in the end zone.”

Now here’s the perfect angle of the play, courtesy of TSL poster avhokie.

I’m certainly not a qualified official, but it looked to