Monday Thoughts: Motu Impresses, and Bucky is 6-7

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I listened to Jon Laaser’s “Coordinators Corner” interviews after last Thursday night’s game, and something Bud Foster said stood out to me.

Laaser noticed that Foster and Georgia Tech’s Paul Johnson spent some time talking to each other before the game, and Laaser asked Foster what they talked about. Bud said they spoke about how much respect they had for each other, how they had played some good games over the years, that sort of thing. Bud was very complimentary of Johnson as a coach.

It struck me: Bud is talking as if he’s not going to coach against Johnson anymore, as if this one was it, the finale.

That makes sense. It very well could be. There’s a chance Bud won’t be here next year, and there’s a chance PJ won’t be here next year, either. (I don’t think there’s any sort of movement to get rid of Johnson this year, but he is listed #13 on, so there’s a possibility.)

Paul Johnson and Bud Foster have fought some classic coaching battles over the years. Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech have played some good, well-played, hard-fought games over the years.

This one was hard-fought. But it wasn’t good, and it certainly wasn’t well-played. Ultimately, it came down to